About CTM-Marine.

Our Mission

Our fundamental mission is to provide the modern-day boater with the best products to make your journey as enjoyable as possible - based on performance, ease of repair, efficiency and durability. 

Our History

At CTM-Marine we have a passion for the ocean and the different ways to navigate it. To us, it really doesn’t matter if it is on an old sailboat or a modern motor yacht, our passion really converges on the things that will make that journey memorable and more enjoyable.

With more than 10 years of experience supplying marine related products to the boating community, we've gotten to know what boaters are looking for, and where products could be improved. So we’ve taken our experience, and created the reliable and affordable CTM marine essential items for the modern boater. 

With a strong appreciation for the water, boating, and exploring - Our job is to ensure that you have all of the essential items needed while underway.

See you on the water!